Public Service Internship Scholarships
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The objective of this scholarship is to encourage top business students to consider taking public sector internship to serve the community during the Winter or Summer break and honor those who have achieved outstanding performance in the internship.
Scholarship Information
  • Participants of the ‘Social Enterprise Internship Program’ during the Winter or Summer semester in the current academic year
  • Demonstrate good academic performance with a CGA of 2.850 or above; and
  • Nominated by employer and should have outstanding performance during the internship period
  • Summer semester awardees must be non-final year students
Scholarship Amount:
  • HK$10,000 - Applicants who have completed a 4-week internship in the Winter semester
  • HK$20,000 - Applicants who have completed a 8-week internship in the Summer semester

Application Period:

  • Winter Semester: December of each year
  • Summer Semester: July of each year

Application Procedure:

  • Applicants should submit the completed application form on or before the deadline and the committee will contact the NGO supervisors for nomination arrangement


  • Winter Semester: Announced in April
  • Summer Semester: Announced in October

*Subject to yearly/semesterly changes by SBM

Events in 2019-20
Summer 2019
Summer 2019 Awardees
  • HK$20,000 Award 
  • Interned at NGO or Social Enterprise over 320 working hours
Events in 2018-19
Mar 15, 2019
Award Ceremony for Winter Awardees
  • Cum Career Mentorship Program Kick-Off Ceremony – 5th Intake
Oct 5, 2018
Award Ceremony for Summer Awardees
  • Cum Career Mentorship Program Kick-Off Ceremony – 4th Intake
Rosaline CHAN
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Winter 2018-19, Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF
‘Small steps, Big changes’. The internship is not only a ‘lesson in the field’, but also a chance to contribute to a meaningful cause and meet like-minded people whom I can learn from. I am grateful for the Dr. Karen Lee Memorial Fund for supporting my participation and offering a valuable and rewarding experience.
Munich LAM
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Summer 2017-18, Fair Trade Hong Kong
With this internship, I had exposure to society and gained more knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibilities. By attending business exhibits and reaching out to real businesses, I further recognized my strengths and weaknesses. The first American friend I met in Fair Trade Hong Kong, taught me about the world outside HK. I realized the true meaning of doing business is to solve problems in society. This conviction will carry on as I grow up and pursue my business career.
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Winter 2017-18, Social Alliance Communications Consultant
I would like to thank the Karen Lee Student Memorial Fund and the Public Service Internship Scholarship for giving me the chance to push myself out of my comfort zone! Without joining the SBMT2200 Social Enterprise Internship Program, I never would have been able to explore the social sector, and would not be the person I am today.
Cindy SIN
BBA IS, Year 2
Winter 2017-18, Dialogue in the Dark HK Ltd.
Doing internship in a social enterprise is not merely a working experience in my resume but also a thought-provoking process that brings life-long impacts. I am so grateful to be a part of the SBMT2200 Social Enterprise Internship Program and being awarded the Public Service Internship Scholarship.
BSc ECOF, Year 2
Winter 2017-18, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
Bringing change to not only others, but also igniting the changes inside you! I am so thankful that Karen Lee Student Memorial Fund granted me the Public Service Internship Scholarship to support my participation in SBMT 2200 Social Enterprise Internship Program! It is one of my life changing experiences in exploring my passion and career pathway!
Past Public Service Internship Scholarships