Student Advising Services
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The Karen Lee Center is dedicated to supporting students in mentoring and leadership development. The Center offers experienced advisors, tutors, and a counsellor to help students with academic, career, and non-academic matters. Students are encouraged to meet and interact with our advising colleagues throughout their academic studies. 
Advising Information
Academic Affairs & Advising Counsellors: 
  • Experienced advisors to help students with academic inquiries and related matters

Career Advisor:

  • Experienced advisors to help students with career-related inquiries and matters

Communication Tutors:

  • Experienced English Communication Tutors to provide assistance to students who need help in both spoken and written English

Student Life Advisor:

  • A knowledgeable, caring, advisor to help students with non-academic matters who is familiar with the SBM undergraduate framework
Si Hang HO
BBA MGMT and MARK, Year 2
I am grateful to have Ray as my Student Life Advisor in my days in HKUST. I am always relaxed, secured, and delightful in my sharing with Ray. No matter a casual sharing or seeking for some advice on countless aspects, he is willing to listen to me with a sincere heart. Self-understanding and personal insights are also gained via the communication with him.
Chak Lam ZHENG
BBA FINA, Year 2
My advisor, Forrest, is a patient and extremely helpful advisor. He not only helped me a lot with academic difficulties, but also with career and exchange advice. He didn’t mind me bothering him with tons of emails and appointments which made me feel secure in my freshman years and the exchange experience.
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Transitioning to university seemed daunting at first; tracking study pathways and different opportunities while being in a completely new setting. Thankfully, having an academic adviser by my side was exactly what was needed to stay on track and keep everything in check. My advisor consistently made a generous effort to help out and provide motivation at times!