Take Faculty to Lunch
Activities | Take Faculty to Lunch
The purpose of this program is to enhance mentoring relationships between faculty and students through a friendly and casual opportunity where they can meet and interact with each other. Students invite their favorite faculty, along with 1-2 schoolmates, for a casual on-campus lunch or tea/coffee sponsored by the Center.
Application Information
  • All SBM Undergraduate Students

Application Period:

  • Fall Semester: September, Online Application
  • Spring Semester: February, Online Application

Matching Process:

  • Students can indicate where and which Faculty they would like to have lunch/tea with in the application.
  • SBM will match all requests and make the gathering arrangements for professors and students accordingly.

Lunch/Tea Costs:

  • Covered by SBM; up to max of $70/person.

Suggested Discussion Topics:

  • Major Selections
  • Career Planning
  • Career Prospects
  • Personal Growth
  • Minor Programs
  • Social Issues

*Subject to yearly/semesterly changes by SBM

Events in 2019-20
Fall 2019
Gatherings with Faculty
  • Gatherings Organized: 23
  • Invited Faculty: 21
  • Participating Students: 48
Events in 2018-19
Spring 2019
Gatherings with Faculty
  • Gatherings Organized: 51
  • Invited Faculty: 35
  • Participating Students: 111
Fall 2018
Gatherings with Faculty
  • Gatherings Organized: 38
  • Invited Faculty: 33
  • Participating Students: 89
Professor Hong XU
Information Systems Faculty
"Take Faculty to Lunch" is a great program to extend the communication between faculty and students to a relaxing and personal setting outside of classroom. We talked about topics related to classes, major selection, future career, hobbies, different views on various happenings. I found this program to be an excellent opportunity for meaningful sharing and bonding between faculty and students.
LAM Hiu Laam
BBA IS, Year 2
We enjoyed spending time with Professor Xu. She is friendly and knowledgeable. We talked about learning, hobbies, future plans… Other than obtaining a better understanding of the IS major and the future career prospect, she also inspires us to pursue our goals and dreams. This program is an excellent opportunity for students and professors to bond.
Professor Ekkachai SAENYASIRI
FINA Faculty
“Take Faculty to Lunch” program is a great way for professors to meet students who are eager to explore the possibilities for their future. In addition popular topics such as major selection and career prospects, we also talked about how to set and achieve their goals while enjoying university life and being able to take advantage of the resources and learning environment at HKUST. I enjoyed sharing my life experiences, and learning a lot from students sharing as well.
BSc ECOF Year 1
Professor Ekkachai has a very interesting personality. From how he started looking for jobs as a student in Thailand to coordinating finance-related programs in HKUST, his life story was truly an inspiration to hear. He provided valuable insights into the QFIN program, how it is different from programs like ECOF or Finance, and whether the program is right for us. He is a very friendly person and it was great to have lunch with him.
Past Take Faculty to Lunch