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With the generous support from Dr. Karen Lee Memorial Fund, the Business School has established a Public Service Internship Scholarship. The Scholarship aims at encouraging and supporting outstanding students to engage in public sector internship. The students who enrolled in the SBMT 2200 Social Enterprise Internship Program (SBMT 2200 Program) with 2.85 CGA or above are eligible to apply for this Scholarship.

From 2016-17 to 2017-18, there are total of 20 students SBMT2200 program with ‘outstanding’ performance during their internship period in NGOs/Social Enterprises and were awarded the Scholarship. Winter Term Awardees received HK$10,000, while Summer Term Awardees received HK$20,000.

Let’s share part of thank you speech from one of our awardees below:

“Besides gaining the business knowledge and working experience, I felt like the program offered me lots of room for personal growth. One of those was to acknowledge the true priorities in my life. Working in a social enterprise gave me the chance to recognize there’s more than money and profit, even in the business world. Seeing how others were benefited by business operations inspired me to put my glaze on the CSR field, focusing on how businesses could give back to the society and finding more meaning in my life. Exploring a brand new career prospect is something I would’ve never expected, and I am surely grateful for this opportunity.”

More students are expected to contribute themselves to a more caring and supportive community through the SBMT2200 program. We are grateful for the Dr. Karen Lee Memorial for generously supporting this endeavor.