Student Advising Services
Chak Lam ZHENG
BBA ACCT, Year 2
My advisor, Forrest, is a patient and extremely helpful advisor. He not only helped me a lot with academic difficulties, but also with career and exchange advice. He didn’t mind me bothering him with tons of emails and appointments which made me feel secure in my freshman years and the exchange experience.
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Transitioning to university seemed daunting at first; tracking study pathways and different opportunities while being in a completely new setting. Thankfully, having an academic adviser by my side was exactly what was needed to stay on track and keep everything in check. My advisor consistently made a generous effort to help out and provide motivation at times!
Career Mentorship Program
Mr. William SHEK
Managing Director, Head of Credits & Rates,
Asia Pacific, HSBC
So happy to be able to give advices on their career path, courses selections, when should they get marry, when did my wife stop working, should they do lasik on their eyes etc. At times I asked myself, what’s the difference between a mentor and a father? Love to share with my experiences with them. The trust they gave me. So happy to see them growing. Wish I had a mentor back then.
BSc QFIN, Year 3
It’s very important for university students to understand from a preliminary perspective how the society works. Career mentorship program provides such an essential opportunity, linking university students with industry professionals which opens a door for us to see the real world.
Linda WU
BSc ECOF, Year 2
This career mentoring program is a great platform to know fantastic mentors and peer mentees. I am very lucky to have William as my mentor. From him, I got useful advices on career, course section and even his deep understanding on macroeconomic framework. I really appreciate the chance to build this precious mentor-mentee relationship and to become more clear about my future career direction.
Public Service Internship Scholarships
Munich LAM
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Summer 2017-18, Fair Trade Hong Kong
With this internship, I had exposure to society and gained more knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibilities. By attending business exhibits and reaching out to real businesses, I further recognized my strengths and weaknesses. The first American friend I met in Fair Trade Hong Kong, taught me about the world outside HK. I realized the true meaning of doing business is to solve problems in society. This conviction will carry on as I grow up and pursue my business career.
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Winter 2017-18, Social Alliance Communications Consultant
I would like to thank the Karen Lee Student Memorial Fund and the Public Service Internship Scholarship for giving me the chance to push myself out of my comfort zone! Without joining the SBMT2200 Social Enterprise Internship Program, I never would have been able to explore the social sector, and would not be the person I am today.
Cindy SIN
BBA IS, Year 2
Winter 2017-18, Dialogue in the Dark HK Ltd.
Doing internship in a social enterprise is not merely a working experience in my resume but also a thought-provoking process that brings life-long impacts. I am so grateful to be a part of the SBMT2200 Social Enterprise Internship Program and being awarded the Public Service Internship Scholarship.
Peer Mentoring Program
Gillian Sero DEL MUNDO
Peer Mentor
BBA GBUS, Year 2
I was eager to help the freshmen adjust to their first year at HKUST. The mentors I had when I was a freshman provided a lot of help and useful advice, which is something I will always be grateful for. It was fun holding activities for the freshman to meet their first friends at School and also shaping their first moments here at HKUST.
April AU
Peer Mentor
BBA IS & MGMT, Year 2
Being a peer mentor is undoubtedly an inspiring experience, it enables me to develop interpersonal skills and contributes to the school and mentees.
Queenie CHENG
Peer Mentee
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
This Program is an important experience for me to immerse in the HKUST community. My peer mentor has given me a lot of friendly and useful advice on my study, time management or even goal setting.
Excellence in Mentoring Awards

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Take Faculty to Lunch
Dr. Veronique Lafon-Vinais
FINA Faculty
I'm quite flattered that students want to "Take (me) to Lunch"! I very much enjoy sharing insights and advice with my students in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and sharing dim sum is a very good way to do that. It's a win-win situation as I also take the opportunity to find out what our students are thinking so we can keep improving. Thanks to the organizers for a lovely event.
LIN Ho-hao
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
Prof. Veronique is definitely the kindest faculty I’ve met in UST. During the lunch, I not only obtained a better understanding towards QFIN and SBM but also heard a lot about how she saw the future trend in HK and the business world would be. It’s always valuable to know the opinions from a professor. Prof. Veronique treated students as her sons. Having the lunch with her really made my day!
Dr. Kelvin MAK
ACCT Faculty
Faculty is just a person… and can be a possible friend! ‘Take Faculty to Lunch’ is conducive to a very relaxed atmosphere where students could know more about their faculty that they are comfortable with. That’s really cool!
UG Get-Togethers
Bekzhan Tanirbergenov
BBA Undeclared, Year 1
UG Get-Togethers are the perfect opportunity to make friends! These special events have everything needed to start a conversation, including food, drinks, and sofas where you can relax, have fun and communicate with fellow students and professors. At the gatherings, I made friends from all over the globe! As a freshman, I am surprised at all the different nationalities. Nevertheless, I like to be in this great society, surrounded by these brilliant people.
Raymond CHAN
BBA FINA & IS, Year 3
UG Get Together is a great way to expand your social cycle within the university. Diverse professors, staff, and students come together to share their experiences. At this activity, students can obtain information on academics, university life, and different cultures. Snacks and drinks are provided by SBM. Just enjoy the time and meet more friends!!
BBA ACCT, Year 2
I think the most unforgettable events during my first year in HKUST is the UG Get-Together. All the students and professors could come to have a cozy afternoon tea. Through this activity I get to know more friends who I haven’t know the name before, I also have chance to chat with different professors. It reduces the distance between students and teachers.
Faculty and Staff Training
Mr. Patrick Megan
Communication Tutor
SBM Undergraduate Programs Office
The Counselling and Wellness workshop held for was an informative and interactive experience. A significant number of useful statistics were presented and plenty of lively discussions were held. I discovered that our students have a lot of different problems that we need to address in our roles as student advisors. Some easy, some not so easy. It was an honor to be invited to this event and thanks to all the organizers.
Professor Carmen NG
MGMT Faculty
The ESCAPE workshop was an exciting experience! Not only did our group enhance teamwork thru various challenging tasks, but also reflected on individual and group processes that happened within the games and how it links to student advising.
Ms. Alice LUI
Program Manager
SBM Undergraduate Programs Office
The workshop reminds me that there is always more than one perspective to an experience, and we should have an open heart to embrace diversity and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual, especially when we are talking to our students. Empathy is one key attribute we should possess and cultivate as an adviser.