The Center

Dr. Karen Lee (third from left to right)

Dr. Karen Lee

The late Dr. Karen Lee was a Visiting Scholar and later an Adjunct Associate Professor in the HKUST Business School’s Department of Management (2008 – 2014) until her passing. During her 6+ years’ tenure, she received a number of teaching awards between 2010-2012, including the Franklin Prize of Teaching Excellence, Best Ten Lecturer Award, and Honorary Mention for the Common Core Course Excellence Award. Dr. Lee was a beloved and dedicated faculty member, actively involved in developing the talent of global undergraduate students. She recognized the value and importance of mentoring in helping students identify their personal and professional goals.

Dr. Karen Lee Memorial Fund

The Dr. Karen Lee Memorial Fund was established through generous donations from the family members of the late Dr. Karen Lee to perpetually memorialize the values and actions that Dr. Lee held most dear to her heart: the importance of mentoring, especially in developing students’ leadership potential. In particular, in honor of Dr. Lee’s Legacy, the HKUST Business School has established a Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center.

The Center

The Karen Lee Student Mentoring Center is located in the Lee Shau Kee Business Building and is established with the objective of being a centralized hub for mentoring activities to support undergraduate students. The Center comprises study areas on two floors connected by a staircase, a learning commons, meeting/advising rooms, and a relaxation area for students.

Center Activities

To carry on Dr. Lee’s values and devotion to student mentoring and leadership development, the Center offers extensive student advising services and also currently sponsors a series of mentoring programs that actively engage faculty, students, staff, and the corporate community throughout the academic year.

Student Advising Services
Career Mentorship Program
Public Service Internship Scholarships
Peer Mentoring Program
Excellence in Mentoring Awards
Take Faculty to Lunch
UG Get-Togethers
Faculty and Staff Training
Center Logo

The Center logo is designed to resemble a sideways Mentor-Mentee relationship. The mentor and students are depicted by gold circles for the head and blue arrows for the bodies with the larger arrow figure in the middle being the mentor and smaller figures on either side representing the students. The arrow figures are used in the design of many areas in, and related to, the Center.